1001 Most Useful French Words (New Edition) by Heather McCoy

By Heather McCoy

The appropriate shuttle better half and at-home reference, this thoroughly up-to-date quantity positive aspects 1,001 universal French phrases. each one time period is observed by way of a quick definition, a sentence in French demonstrating right utilization, and a translation. up to date entries disguise phrases for present electronic know-how, and a handy reference part provides phrases concerning relations; days, months, and seasons; telling time; purchasing; and different vocabulary different types.

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As with the predicateadjective construction, the verb is sometimes omitted in Greek. A predicate noun in Greek must agree with its subject noun in case. Usually the subject noun is accompanied by the definite article and the predicate noun is without the article. Ex. 6 oLKa(J"T'l]'> vaVTIJ,>. , , , 7TOLYJTIJ,> 0 (J"TpaTYJYO'>. The juryman is a sailor. The general is a poet. (Note the case: nominative subject, predicate noun is also nominative. ") Vowel-Declension Adjectives; Attribution and Predication 51 7.

PI. of table acc. sing. of truth nom. pI. of fate gen. sing. of juror acc. pI. of umpire nom. sing. of young man dat. sing. of reputation voc. sing. of poet acc. sing. of sailor acc. pI. of lawsuit gen. pI. of wind dat. pI. of faculty of judgment dat. sing. of health gen. sing. of sailor 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. acc. sing. of law nom. pI. of land nom. pI. of book voc. sing. of hoplite nom. pI. of goddess gen. sing. of bridge voc. pI. of master dat. pI. of table gen.

Wv) and have the same endings as the long-vowel feminines learned in Unit 4. a. Alpha subgroup: stems ending in E, Ex. "health" (f) sing. (dual plur. nom. gen. dat. ace. v()e. L, or p "trial, attempt" (/) endings -a VyLEwv 7TE'ipa , 7THpaS' , 7THPq. 7TE'ipav VyLEW 7TEtpa -a vyLHa VyLEWS' ' , vymq. , , -as' -q. -av a. v. (g. d. VyLEw 7TELpa) ( -a) VyLEWW 7TELpaw) (-aw) n. v. gen. dat. ace. VyLEWL 7TEtpaL -aL UyLHwV 7THpWV , 7THpaLS' , 7THpaS' -wv II. VyLEWLS' VyLEWS' -aLS' -as' b. Eta subgroup: stems ending in any other letter Ex.

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