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Come) 14. The telephone ________________________________________. (ring) 15. She ________________________________________ on the phone. (talk) 49 Progressive Verb Tenses Writing Past Progressive Tense Remember, the past progressive verb tense indicates continuing action in the past. To form the past progressive tense you use was or were and also add ‘ing’ to the verb. Pretend you have a dog that is always doing things it should not do. Write a descriptive story, from either the boy’s view or from the dog’s view, using past progressive.

Used By Itself: mine, your, hers, his, ours, theirs Guided Practice Underline the pronoun or pronouns in each sentence. Underline each action or linking verb. Possessive pronouns show ownership. 1. It is really cool. 2. My dog barks a lot, doesn’t he? 3. Those toys belong to her. 4. Did you catch it? 5. They wanted to eat hamburgers. 6. Those clothes belong to them. 7. We talked for hours. 8. That new car is ours. 9. You will love the beach! 10. Will you bring them with us? 35 Independent Practice Write a pronoun in the blank to complete the sentence.

The Earth (orbit/orbits) the sun. 2. The Earth (rotate/rotates) on its axis. 3. Planets (orbit/orbits) the sun in our solar system. 4. The sun (heat/heats) the Earth. 5. The Earth’s two hemispheres (has/have) opposite seasons. 6. The seasons (do, does) not depend on the distance of Earth from the sun. 7. A revolution (is/are) the movement of Earth as it makes an orbit around the sun in one year. 8. A rotation (is/are) the movement of Earth as it moves around its axis in 24 hours. 9. Telescopes can (gather/gathers) more light than the eye.

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