A Christmas Carol (Book): Level 2 by Charles Dickens

By Charles Dickens

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N) blow (blew-blown) (v) hurt (hurt-hurt) (v) butcher (n) kind (adj) call (v) knocker (n) cancel (v) leave (left-left) (v) candle (n) leave sb alone (phr) change (v) let (let-let) (v) cheek (n) light (lit-lit) (v) Christmas Eve (ii) line (n) clerk (n) look like (phr) coal (n) mean (meant-meant) (v) could (modal v) moment (n) crooked (adj) nephew (n) curly (adj) no longer (phr) dark (adj) office (n) dead (adj) office door (n) desk (n) open one's heart (phr) die (v) others (pron, pi) doorway (n) owner (n) except(prep) partner (n) face (n) person (n, pi: people) fact (n) point (v) feeling (n) red with anger (phr) fill (v) .

Ring (rang-rung) (v) linger (n) r o u n d (adj) fireplace (n) 58 seem (v) shop window (n) simply (adv) sing (sang-sung) (v) slam (v) smile (n) snow-covered (adj) spend money (phr) stand (stood-stood) (v) step (n) suit (n) terror (n) the poor (n) tliink (thought-thought) (V) through (prep) twice as h a r d (phr) uncle (n) wife (n) wind (n) world (n) Chapter 2 a pot of soup (phr) after all (phr) alive (adj) beat (beat-beaten) (v) believe (v) care about (v) cellar (n) chain (n) clothes (n, pi) d e p e n d on (v) disappear (v) lloor (n) frighten (v) furniture (n) future (n) ghost (n) have a chance (phr) in pain (phr) none (quant) on end (phr) opposite (prep) sound (n) sound like (phr) still (adv) the Earth (n) thousands of (quant) travel (v) unhappiness (n) visit (v) warm (v) wear (wore-worn) (v) Chapter 3 argue (v) asleep (adj) at the bottom of (phr) awake (adj) be born (was/were-been) (V) bedclothes (n, pi) bridge (n) building (n) country (n) daytime (n) deeply (adv) dressed (adj) dressing gown (n) even though (phr conj) freeze (fi-oze-frozen) (v) frightened (adj) gende (adj) hold (held-held) (v) in the middle of (phr) invisible (adj) joy (n) lead (led-led) (n) leave sb (v) low (adj) neck (n) need (v) pass (v) past (n) perhaps (adv) set off (set-set) (phr v) several (adj) soft (adj) stone (adj) strength (n) tear (n) turn away (phr v) wake up (woke-woken) (phr v) Chapter A as well (phr) assistant (n) at sb's side (phr) awful (adj) be interested in (phr) beg (v) boss (n) busy (adj) 59 carriage (n) couple (n) cruel (adj) death (n) force (v) forget (forgot-forgotten) (V) fruit punch (n) get on (got-got) (phr v) get out (v) handsome (adj) heavy (adj) huge (adj) invite (v) laughter (n) life (n) make sure (phr) memory (n) miss sb (v) neighbourhood (n) night-time (n) notice (v) pale (adj) proud (adj) remember (v) remind (v) sadly (adv) scene (n) shopkeeper (n) skin (n) sth matters (v) the old (n) the young (n) time (n) voice (n) What is the point of all this?

Everyone laughed and had lots of f u n . Nobody could believe that Scrooge was the same man they knew before. " Scrooge looked at Fred's smiling face for a long time. "Yes, my dear nephew, I know it is. I was not a good uncle to you or your wife. In fact, I was not good at anything except making people miserable. " 56 57 J Word List W o r d Chapter 1 j C i s t friendly (adj) front door (n) frown (v) a waste of money (])hr) glasses (n, pi) arrive (v) g r o u n d (n) As you wish (phr) hear (heard-heard) (v) backwards (adv) heat(n) baker(n) hide (hid-hidden) (v) be better off (phr) hope (n) bell (n) H u m b u g !

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