A grammar of Manichean Sogdian by GERSHEVITCH (Ilya)


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Sg. ' beginning ; tegl(a)ig gen. sg ' § 74. Vowel-flanked or final / in unstressed syllables is- regularly voiced (written b). g. felsub fr. Latin philosophus. Note. — Final / appears 'you' fr. *sif, 0. C. g. sib *svisvi. Unvoicing of Final Aspirated g § 75. g. Final aspirated non-palatal g and unstressed syllables. tech ' house is regularly unvoiced in ' ' ' fr. *(s)tegos ; teglach family fr. *(s)tego- slougom. g. in influence of the genitive maige. through mag ' field * De- aspiration of Final Consonants § 76.

Marvellousness' ' fr. E. *)i-gndtja; but in a stressed syllable selbaid he possesses fr. fr. ' ' : *selvi-ti. § 67. But if such a consonant group follows a labial, the whole group is regularly depalatalised. g. comard(a)e 'sign' fr. com+airde, 0. C. *-are-vidjon. These rules (§§ 66, 67) are very often crossed by 68. § analogy. tabairte (gen. sg. of tabart giving ') fr. er-tjas, with the palatal rt restored from the dat. ace. sg. g. besides the regular (§ 67) tabartae. § 69. The consonants which have been brought together by syncope with following syllabic liquids (the depalatalisation of which has been discussed in §§ 66, 67), are palatal or nonpalatal according to the quality of the Only labials are regularly depalatalised.

Initial g" before u, postvocalic before j and before consonants in the interior of a word g in 0. v g become Ir. This g usually preserved in 0. Ir. (cf. §§7, 86). v Lat. formus. grith heat fr. *g hrtus cf. gor heat v voice fr. utus cf. Greek ftorj. g. ' ' ; ; ' ' ; nigid washes ' On fr. 0. C. *nigeti, 1 Greek vi^to. gl, gn, gr, see § 109. ) becomes ss. he drove fr. *ad-ag-to pres. g. ; ' ' ad-acht do-tias gn ' ' ; ' that I should come ' fr. *to-(s)teigh-s-o. E. g. boc ' buc ' soft fr. *bhug-nb-, Skr.

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