A Grammar of the Greek papyri of the Roman and Byzantine by Francis T Gignac

By Francis T Gignac

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Over the course of years, I have kept lists of spelling mistakes of students ranging from third-form boys at an English Grammar School to adults from educationally deprived areas in America to university students, including many from foreign countries. , both= embarass (r and rr both= [r ]), percieve (ie and ei [i]), shure (sh and s here both= [J]), reunight (-ight and -ite both= [ait]). , pin for pen. , bat for vat, hendle for handle. Relatively few mistakes fail to reflect actual pronunciation and these can generally be explained on orthographic grounds as visual spelling analogies inversions (at1noshpere and obvilion), dittographies (accepteted).

T. Robertson, and L. Rademacher incorporated many parallels from the papyri in their scientific grammars of the Greek New Testament, as did R. Helbing and H. St J. Thackeray in their grammars of the Septuagint. The need for a systematic grammatical study of the papyri in themselves was felt as soon as a sufficient number and variety had been edited. In 1897, S. gom�na to a projected grammar of the papyri and a list of corrections of existing editions. F. Volker published in 1900 a study of the use of the accusative case, with appendices on final -v and -t;;, followed in 1903 by the first and only part of his projected syntax of the papyri, a study of the articl�.

Weinreich, Circle of New York (New York, below in Egypt, 37. See further Peremans, "Over Tweetaligheid in Ptolemaeisch Egypte," 4 (1935), 403-17, and his later article on the same sub�ect, "Uber die Zweisprachigkeit Ptol. ten," Festschrift Oertel, 49-60. 1 But it is impossible to determine in most instances whether individual writers of the papyri showing interference phenomena spoke Egyptian as their primary language or whether they were monolingual speakers who acquired an Egyptian accent and Egyptian idioms through residual interference in the language of their community.

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