A Peaceful Jihad: Negotiating Identity and Modernity in by R. Lukens-Bull

By R. Lukens-Bull

In accordance with wide ethnographic examine, this booklet examines how the Islamic neighborhood in Java, Indonesia, is actively negotiating either modernity and culture within the contexts of nation-building, globalization, and a meant conflict of civilizations. The pesantren group, so-called since it is established round a tutorial establishment known as the pesantren, makes use of schooling as a important enviornment for facing globalization and the development and upkeep of an Indonesian Islamic id. besides the fact that, the community's efforts to combat with those matters expand past schooling into the general public sphere more often than not and particularly within the sector of management and politics. The case fabric is used to appreciate Muslim techniques and responses to civilizational touch and clash. students, expert readers, and complicated undergraduates attracted to Islam, non secular schooling, the development of non secular id within the context of nationwide politics, and globalization will locate this paintings necessary.

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Dale Eickelman argues that the primary task of scholars of Islam in local contexts should be to understand “how the universalistic principles of Islam have been realized in various social and historical contexts” without either seeing Islam as a “seamless essence” or a mere aggregation of beliefs and practices (1982:1). Variants of Islam in Indonesia There are two major variants of Sunni3 Islam in Indonesia, which I will refer to here as Classicalist and Reformist, sometimes referred to as Traditionalist and Modernist.

Thursday nights or the eves of Friday are special in Islam. In Javanese Islamic practice, at least, days are reckoned to be from sunset to sunset and so Thursday night begins the Sabbath day of Friday. Beyond Java, special observances are found in Iran (Mottahedeh 1985:138) and elsewhere. As mentioned, one reason a saint’s grave is visited is to absorb his barakah. Another explanation for making pilgrimage to graves is the efficacy of prayers made there. Several kyai and ustadh explained to me that the dead saint serves as an intermediary.

Participant observation was used to establish a baseline from which to compare other pesantren. Interviews were conducted with several kyai to inquire about the direction of pesantren education and what the needs of santri will be. After this baseline was established, several shorter visits were paid to various pesantren and kyai. NEGOTIATING TRADITION, MODERNITY, AND IDENTITY 23 Negotiating Modernity and Tradition, Contesting Identity The debates about modernity and tradition and the efforts to negotiate these processes are essential parts of identity construction for the Classicalist Islamic community in Indonesia.

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