Accommodating Cultural Diversity by Tierneyq, Stephen Tierney

By Tierneyq, Stephen Tierney

This booklet explores contemporary advancements within the thought and perform of accommodating cultural variety inside of democratic constitutional orders. It brings jointly philosophers and criminal students to discover the inter-play among the normative precepts complex by means of the previous for the lodging of cultural pluralism and the truth of that lodging because it performs itself out in political and felony perform, as defined through the latter. the purpose of the e-book is to supply a holistic photograph of the constitutional administration of cultural range in the course of the prisms of other disciplines and reviews: theoretical and functional. Contributions come from Canada, Scotland and England and focus on major case stories: a noticeable learn of the lodging of indigenous peoples inside assorted constitutional orders and, secondly, the function of the courts as their method of cultural range evolves in advanced pluralist democracies similar to Australia, Canada and the united kingdom.

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As in Canada, they have their own diversity programs and/or equity officers. As Nathan Glazer puts it, ‘we are all multiculturalists now’ (Glazer 1997). Similarly, in Britain, while there is no nationwide multiculturalism policy, the same basic ideas and principles are pursued through their race relations policy. All of these countries have accepted the same two-fold change: adopting race-neutral admissions and naturalisation policies, and imposing on public institutions a duty to accommodate immigrant ethnocultural diversity.

8 If we move beyond the established Western democracies, Cyprus is an obvious case: the Turkish-Cypriot minority is seen by the Greek-Cypriot-dominated state as likely to collaborate with aggression/intervention by Turkey. The Global Diffusion of Multiculturalism 29 securitisation of ethnic relations erodes both the democratic space to voice minority demands, and the likelihood that those demands will be accepted. In most Western countries, however, ethnic politics have been almost entirely ‘de-securitised’.

Similar fears were expressed about the German minority in Belgium or Denmark. These countries worried that Germany might invade in the name of ‘liberating’ their co-ethnic Germans, and that the German minority would collaborate with such an invasion. 8 Part of the reason for this is that Western states do not have neighbouring enemies who might invade them. NATO has been spectacularly successful in removing the possibility of one Western country invading its neighbours. As a result, the question of whether national minorities and indigenous peoples would be loyal in the event of invasion by a neighbouring state has been removed from the table.

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