Ace Your Chemistry Science Project by Robert Gardner

By Robert Gardner

Young scientists will discover basic chemical rules and find out about what occurs whilst an acid and a base combine and which solids are reliable conductors of electrical energy. Many enjoyable experiments are nice principles scholars can use for technology reasonable initiatives.

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4: Can Fat Become Soap? 5: Using a Chemical Test to Identify Blood Materials: Science Fair Project Ideas Further Reading Internet Addresses Index Note to Our Readers Copyright More Books from Enslow INTRODUCTION When you hear the word science, do you think of a person in a white lab coat surrounded by beakers of bubbling liquids, specialized lab equipment, and computers? What exactly is science? Maybe you think science is only a subject you learn in school. Science is much more than this. Science is the study of the things that are all around you, every day.

Fill a plastic bottle with the diluted muriatic acid solution and record its mass when filled. Clean and dry the glass jar. Pour about one third of the acid solution in the plastic bottle into the glass jar. Add 3 drops of the phenolphthalein indicator to the acid. Earlier in the chapter, you learned that an indicator changes color depending on whether the solution is an acid or a base. Phenolphthalein is colorless in an acidic solution. In a basic solution, phenolphthalein is pink. Slowly add the base solution in the plastic bottle drop by drop to the acid in the jar.

A series of levers connects the spring to a chain that turns a pointer over the dial of the barometer. FIGURE 9: This diagram shows the inside of an aneroid barometer. When the air pressure increases, the sides of the can are pushed inward. The can then stretches the spring, which pulls on the chain and turns the pointer so that it points toward a larger number on the dial. When air pressure decreases, the sides of the can move outward, the spring is stretched less, and the pointer indicates a smaller number on the dial.

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