Applied Thermodynamics, 3rd Edition by Onkar Singh

By Onkar Singh

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Is produced by Seebeck effect. Temperature of the oil bath is measured by some Ice calibrated thermometer of any other type. f. is noted and a graph is plotted between the Fig. f. Now for using this thermocouple the cold Battery junction shall still be maintained at the ice point Rh while the hot junction may be kept in contact with the bath whose temperature is to be measured. f. available the caliberated graph is used and corresponding temperature noted from there. Ice cold In these thermometers the potentiometers may also be used as shown in Fig.

13 (c) Generalized compressibility chart, 10 ≤ pR ≤ 40 pressure and reduced temperatures for several gases. On the generalized compressibility chart it could be seen that at “very small pressures the gases behave as an ideal gas irrespective of its temperature” and also at “very high temperatures the gases behave as ideal gas irrespective of its pressure”. 17 VANDER’ WAALS AND OTHER EQUATIONS OF STATE FOR REAL GAS Vander’ Waals suggested the equation of state for real gas in 1873. The equation has been obtained applying the laws of mechanics at molecular level and introducing certain constants in the equation of state for ideal gas.

HEAT AND WORK When two systems at different temperatures are brought into contact there are observable changes in some of their properties and changes continue till the two don’t attain the same temperature if contact is prolonged. Thus, there is some kind of energy interaction at the boundary which causes change in temperatures. This form of energy interaction is called heat. Thus ‘heat’ may be termed as the energy interaction at the system boundary which occurs due to temperature difference only.

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