Aquaculture and fisheries biotechnology. Genetic approaches by Rex A. Dunham

By Rex A. Dunham

The genetic development of fish for aquaculture and comparable fisheries is a box of analysis that has noticeable large advances lately. but there was no publication which supplies an available evaluation of the topic formerly. The e-book fills this hole within the literature. The contents contain polyploidy, sex-reversal and breeding, gene mapping and advertisement functions.

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1986a; Krasznai and Marian, 1986; Shah and Beardmore, 1986; Wolters, 1986) than diploid fish. , 1987). , 1981a; Dunham, 1990b, 1996). , 1986a). Triploid walking catfish, Clarias macrocephalus, grew more slowly than diploids (Na-Nakorn and Legrand, 1992). , 2002). , 2002). , 1985), was slower than that of diploids. , 1999). Triploid European sea bass, D. , 2001b). One explanation for the examples of slower growth in triploids is that the larger cell size of triploids may be compensated for by a decrease in total cell number (Muntzung, 1936).

Often the hatch of embryos that have been induced for triploidy is lower than that for controls. , 2000), and sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax, the lower hatch is due to handling and treatment of the eggs and not due to the state of triploidy. , 1997). , 1990). Delaying fertilization of ovulated grass carp eggs did not affect the rate of triploid induction (Cassani and Caton, 1986a). Strain or family effects may have a bearing on polyploid induction efficiency. The strain of rainbow trout may react differently for different temperature shocks to induce triploidy (Anders, 1990).

Alpinus or lake charr, S. , 2000). Similar results were obtained for triploid common carp in India. , 2002). This would be an advantage in most countries, but not necessarily in India, where the ovaries and eggs are considered edible; in some countries they are a delicacy. Although diploid male and female common carp grew faster than the corresponding sexes of triploids, the gutted weights for diploids and triploids were the same. In reality, then, triploid production is more efficient. , 1987).

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