Aristotle's Theory of Substance: The Categories and by Michael V. Wedin

By Michael V. Wedin

Michael Wedin argues opposed to the existing suggestion that Aristotle's perspectives at the nature of fact are essentially inconsistent. in response to Wedin's new interpretation, the adaptation among the early concept of the Categories and the later conception of the Metaphysics displays the truth that Aristotle is engaged in particularly various tasks within the works--the past targeting ontology, and the afterward explanation.

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It does not show, pace Furth, that ‘λευκόνa’ is derived from ‘λευκόνn’. Were it to show anything of this sort it might be that ‘λευκόνn’ derives from ‘λευκότης’, but this would make a property, or, perhaps, property instances, the item or items that are paronyms rather than things that have the property. Furth's insistence that λευκόν is a case of degenerate paronymy does not merely reflect his attachment to the stronger thesis. It also locates paronymy squarely in MO's distinction between substances and non-substances.

THE PLAN OF THE CATEGORIES 23 does not affect the distinction between substance and the other categories, which is the primary dichotomy of the Categories. Nor does it affect (b)'s demand that the categories collect in a principled way only those things that intuitively fit together. How, then, are such groups to be generated? Acceptable answers to (B) are not, ipso facto, acceptable answers to (C). Although it is true that 2. x and y are in the same synonymy group → x and y are in the same category, the converse does not hold.

20 The account just criticized took paronyms to be linguistic items. These could be same-level items only, namely, adjectives, or mixed-level items, namely, adjectives and abstract nouns. Rejection of the linguistic interpretation does not settle whether paronyms are same-level or mixed-level items. 21 On this view, 1a12–15 mentions four rather than two things that are paronyms: grammar (γραμματική) and the grammatical (γραμματικός) as well as bravery (ἀνδρεία) and the brave ( ). Hintikka's view avoids the anomalous result that a name is said to get its name from another name.

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