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Vom Urknall zum Durchknall : Die absurde Jagd nach der Weltformel

Die Physik ist bei der Jagd nach der Weltformel in eine Sackgasse geraten. Der Autor zeichnet nach, wie die theoretische Physik vom Weg abkam und nun mit immer größeren Spekulationsblasen in die Esoterik abdriftet. Witzig-bissig und mit unterhaltsamen Anekdoten, aber auch fundiert bis ins aspect nimmt er die heutige Physik aufs Korn und erinnert an die unbeantworteten Fragen, die die wirklichen Größen der Physik bewegt haben.

The Practical Astronomer’s Deep-sky Companion

As an beginner astronomer with years of expertise, I wonder on the pleasure skilled by way of a newbie who effectively hunts down their first deep-space item in a telescope. it doesn't matter what age or ability point, "nailing" a formerly unobserved item throughout the eye­ piece, either immediately defines their love of the pastime and offers a sense of clinical accomplishment irrespective of how renowned to others the item will be.

The Observer's Guide to Planetary Motion: Explaining the Cycles of the Night Sky

To the bare eye, the main obtrusive defining characteristic of the planets is their movement around the evening sky. It used to be this movement that allowed old civilizations to unmarried them out as diverse from mounted stars. “The Observer’s advisor to Planetary movement” takes each one planet and its moons (if it has them) in flip and describes how the geometry of the sun process provides upward push to its saw motions.

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Early in the 4th Centory BC, he founded his famous Academy, which was devoted to philosophical research and teaching. His writings contained a number of ideas about astronomy (see especially the 1lmaeus and the Republic) and were influenced by Pythagoras. The Platonic system describes a universe made by a single Creator (sometimes called the "demiurge") who, wishing that all things should be good and perfect, created a blueprint for an orderly and harmonious universe imbued with a cosmic intelligence or soul.

During the Han dynasty (207 BC to AD 220) in China, the armillary sphere became an important astronomical tool. Its popularity was echoed in Islamic countries during the 8" to IS" Centuries AD, when several treatises were written on its constroction and use. During the Renaissance, the armillary sphere continued to be used for education and calculation. During the Age of Exploration (1400s to I 800s) , the armillary sphere was used to train navigators and became an important symbol of Portuguese exploration during the IS" and 16" Centuries, often appearing figuratively on banners and paintings.

IcaJ. Europe [Ch. 2 to-east. The next innermost sphere rotated around an axis perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic and accounted for the planet's basic east-to-west movement. The third sphere and fourth sphere (which carried the planet) were oriented in different planes depending on the specific planet being modeled. The combined motion of the third and fourth spheres made the planet move in a figure-of-eight curve through the sky called a "hippopede" (thought by most historians to be named for the shape of the shackles that were placed on the legs of horses to restrain them, although Dreyer states that the term was based on the figure produced by riding school horses while cantering').

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