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Vom Urknall zum Durchknall : Die absurde Jagd nach der Weltformel

Die Physik ist bei der Jagd nach der Weltformel in eine Sackgasse geraten. Der Autor zeichnet nach, wie die theoretische Physik vom Weg abkam und nun mit immer größeren Spekulationsblasen in die Esoterik abdriftet. Witzig-bissig und mit unterhaltsamen Anekdoten, aber auch fundiert bis ins element nimmt er die heutige Physik aufs Korn und erinnert an die unbeantworteten Fragen, die die wirklichen Größen der Physik bewegt haben.

The Practical Astronomer’s Deep-sky Companion

As an beginner astronomer with years of expertise, I surprise on the pleasure skilled by means of a newbie who effectively hunts down their first deep-space item in a telescope. it doesn't matter what age or ability point, "nailing" a formerly unobserved item throughout the eye­ piece, either immediately defines their love of the pastime and provides a sense of medical accomplishment irrespective of how renowned to others the thing should be.

The Observer's Guide to Planetary Motion: Explaining the Cycles of the Night Sky

To the bare eye, the main obvious defining function of the planets is their movement around the evening sky. It used to be this movement that allowed historical civilizations to unmarried them out as diverse from fastened stars. “The Observer’s consultant to Planetary movement” takes every one planet and its moons (if it has them) in flip and describes how the geometry of the sunlight approach supplies upward push to its saw motions.

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Explain how electron transitions within atoms produce unique emission and absorption features in the spectra of those atoms. Describe the general features of the spectra produced by molecules. List and explain the kinds of information that can be obtained by analyzing the spectra of astronomical objects. HTM (2 of 3) [14/12/2002 2:33:34] Astronomy Today In the previous chapter we saw how light behaves as a continuous wave and how this description of electromagnetic radiation allows us to begin to decipher the information reaching us from the cosmos in the form of visible and invisible light.

Astronomy Today, 3rd Edition hyperlinked electronic textbook. This electronic version of the text includes: --Extensive hyperlinking between the table of contents and chapters; between learning objective and corresponding chapter section; between glossary terms, their definitions and related text discussions; between end-of-chapter exercises and related text discussions. A new navigation system allows you to move around within and across chapters without having to go back to the main table of contents.

Explain what is meant by the term "blackbody radiation" and describe the basic properties of such radiation. Tell how we can determine the temperature of an object by observing the radiation that it emits. Show how the relative motion of a source of radiation and its observer can change the perceived wavelength of the radiation, and explain the importance of this phenomenon to astronomy. Astronomical objects are more than just things of beauty in the night sky. Planets, stars, and galaxies are of vital significance if we are to understand fully our place in the big picture—the "grand design" of the universe.

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