Atlas of orthopedic surgical procedures of the dog and cat by Ann L. Johnson DVM MS, Dianne Dunning DVM MS

By Ann L. Johnson DVM MS, Dianne Dunning DVM MS

No longer sturdy for fee. Poorly constructed fabric with few drawing photos. The tactics are previous and there aren't integrated up to date concepts. i'm very dissatisfied. this can be only a replica of older textbooks. a foul replica. My advice isn't to shop for this factor.

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J Am Vet Med Assoc 208:81–84, 1996. 4. Flynn MF, Edmiston DN, Roe SC, et al: Biomechanical evaluation of a toggle pin technique for management of coxofemoral luxation. Vet Surg 23(5):311–321, 1994. CHAPTER 16 45 I N T R A C A P S U L A R S TA B I L I Z AT I O N O F H I P L U X AT I O N P L AT E 1 6 B D Aiming device C E F1 Suture passer F2 46 PA RT O N E • SURGICAL PROCEDURES FOR JOINT DISEASES HIP Femoral Head and Neck Ostectomy with Joint Capsule Interpolation CHAPTER 17 INDICATIONS 1 Candidates include dogs with recurrent or chronic coxofemoral luxation, intra-articular coxofemoral fractures that are not amenable to reduction and stabilization, degenerative joint disease secondary to hip dysplasia, and avascular necrosis of the femoral head and neck.

Muscular landmarks include the internal obturator and the semitendinous and semimembranosus muscles. EQUIPMENT • Standard surgical pack, two medium or large Gelpi retractors (depending on the size of the dog), periosteal elevator, oscillating saw, osteotome and mallet, Gigli wire or reciprocating saw, rongeur, two Hohmann retractors, Kern bone-holding forceps, plating equipment, drill, and Canine Pelvic Osteotomy plate* *Canine Pelvic Osteotomy Plate, Slocum Enterprises, Eugene, Oregon. incise the skin and subcutaneous tissues over the pubis, centering on the pectineal muscle as it inserts on the iliopectineal eminence.

CHAPTER 17 47 F E M O R A L H E A D A N D N E C K O S T E C TO M Y P L AT E 1 7 A Middle gluteal muscle retracted proximally Deep gluteal muscle Tensor fasciae latae muscle retracted cranially Vastus lateralis muscle retracted distally Incision in joint capsule B Biceps femoris muscle retracted caudally C Maxi driver blade directed caudally Externally rotated limb D Patella is directed at ceiling 48 PA RT O N E • SURGICAL PROCEDURES FOR JOINT DISEASES HIP CHAPTER 18 Triple Pelvic Osteotomy INDICATIONS 1 Candidates include immature dogs with coxofemoral laxity and subluxation with minimal radiographic signs of degenerative joint disease.

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