Autonomous Underwater Vehicles by N. Cruz

By N. Cruz

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Durrant-Whyte, H. (1992). Directed Sonar Sensing for Mobile Robot Navigation. London: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1992 Li, J. , Jun, B. , Lee, P. , Hong, S. K. (2005). A hierarchical real-time control architecture for a semi-autonomous underwater vehicle. 32, pp. 1631-1641, 2005 Li, J. , Lee, P. , Jun, B. , Lim, Y. K. (2008a). Underwater Vehicle, InTech, ISBN 978-9537619-49-7, Vienna, Austria Li, J. , Lee, P. , Jun, B. , Lim, Y. K. (2008b). Point-to-point navigation of underactuated ships. Automatica, Vol.

Fig. 4. Hybrid control architecture for P-SURO AUV. 26 Autonomous Underwater Vehicles If there is a pattern appeared in a certain area in front of the vehicle, the vision module will recognize the pattern and transmit the corresponding vehicle's pose information freqeuntly to the control module for aiding of path planning. According to the received mission command (user command is usually delivered to the vehicle on the surface through RF channel), the control module arranges a series of tasks to accomplish the mission.

2 Sensor, thrust, and power system For underwater vision, there is one colour camera mounted at the vehicle nose. And three range sonar (forward, backward and downward) are mounted on the vehicle. There sonar are designed for obstacle detection and also for assisting vehicle's underwater localization. For P-SURO AUV, we design a relatively simple but low grade of inertial navigation system which consists of AHRS, 1-axis Gyro, 1-axis accelerometer, one depth sensor. SeaBotix BTD-156 thrusters are selected to steer the vehicle's underwater motion.

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