Bacteria and Fungi from Fish and Other Aquatic Animals: A by Nicky B. Buller

By Nicky B. Buller

This sensible e-book presents an up to date source for the id of micro organism present in animals inhabiting the aquatic surroundings, illustrated with color photographs. It comprises extended biochemical identity tables to incorporate newly pointed out pathogenic and saprophytic micro organism, molecular identity checks now to be had for a better variety of aquatic bacterial pathogens, additional information at the pathogenesis and virulence of every organism and new insurance of conventional and molecular id of fungal pathogens and caliber insurance criteria for laboratories.

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Bacteria from Fish and Other Aquatic Animals

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Flavobacterium columnare 1. Bacterium adheres to gills 1. Columnaris disease 1171 2. Flavobacterium johnsoniae 2. Jaw and gill discolouration 2. Virulent by injection 1262 3. Mycobacterium chelonae 3. Spleen, liver 3. Mycobacteriosis 1784 Chapter 1 Rohu, roho labeo (Labeo rohita Hamilton) Charco Palma pupfish (Cyprinodon Mycobacterium gordonae Tissues Mycobacteriosis 1356 Vibrio parahaemolyticus External haemorrhage, tail rot Mortality Gulf killifish (Fundulus grandis Baird & 1. Flavobacterium columnare 1.

Mycobacterium pseudoshottsii may be opportunistic pathogen in fins, lesions kidney, liver, spleen 8. Fish pasteurellosis 703 6. Mycobacterium shottsii 4. Nodular lesions in all organs 9. Mortality in fingerlings stressed fish Ref 711 977 5, 6. skin lesions and ­granulomatous 10, 11. Streptococcosis 8. Photobacterium damselae ssp. inflammation, spleen 12. Not susceptible in 1073 piscicida 7. Skin ulcers and tubercules in immersion trials 1231 9. Serratia marcescens organs 13. Present in apparently 1400 10.

Streptococcosis, B (non-haemolytic). Identified as 11. Vibrio hepatarius 3. Haemolymph, internal organs 100% mortality in Streptococcus uberis in API 20 12. Vibrio xuii 4. Necrotic musculature pathogenicity tests Strep kit 5. Haemolymph 4. Pathogenicity proven 1162 4. Vibrio alginolyticus 6. Black spots on exoskeleton, red in experimental 1334 5. Vibrio campbellii spots on abdomen. challenge 1517 6. Vibrio harveyi 8. Isolated from shrimp culture pond 5. Co-infection with 1557 7. Vibrio penaeicida water WSSV enhances 1562 9.

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