Bananas! by Jacqueline Farmer

By Jacqueline Farmer

Did you pay attention the single concerning the banana? Why did the banana exit with the prune? since it could not get a date. Introducing the scrumptious and delectable, the bright and loved, the only and purely . . . banana! BANANAS! is the crucial e-book approximately bananas. definite, you recognize bananas are right for you, yet how reliable precisely? Ounce for ounce, a banana is much more nutritious than an apple. that allows you to continue the general practitioner away, attempt a banana. and there's much more to benefit approximately bananas. From their early roots in Southeast Asia to their advent to americans on the 1876 usa Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia along Alexander Graham Bell's new invention, the phone, bananas have a truly auspicious background. Bananas are actually shipped (very rigorously) around the globe. After studying BANANAS!, you will not give some thought to bananas as only a fast, effortless snack anymore.

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Ar sh Ct n’ do u yo if e A: Becaus Or W as She P There w ushed? as a you n g la dy name Who slip d Hanna ped on a h, p e e l of banan As she la a. y on her side, More sta rs she es Than the pied re are in the StarSpangled Banner. Q: What does the banana do when it sees a go rilla? A: The banana splits! n lotion? a t n u s e s u ananas Q: Why do b y peel. e A: Because th Banana Tip 1: To ripen a banana quickly at home, enclose it in a paper bag with a tomato or an apple. The fruits’ natural gases, in addition to the darkness, should ripen the banana overnight.

There are even a few banana epitaphs (tributes on gravestones). Here’s some banana humor to tickle your funny bone. Banananananananana I thought I’d win the spelling bee And get right to the top But I started to spell “banana” And I didn’t know when to stop. —William Cole Q: Why did the banana go out with the prune? A: Because it couldn’t get a date. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. —Groucho Marx Epitaph for Anna Hopewell Enosburg, Vermont Here lies the body of our Anna, Done to death by a banana.

Omedian c a d n a a banana s s o r c u o y et when g u o y o Q: What d ughter. Banana Tip 2: la Most people A: Peels of don’t refrigera te bananas. T he cold makes th e skin turn bla ck and the fruit stop ripening . 55 miles in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. So why bananas? The banana is special in the way it grows: up to thirty feet tall with no woody trunk. It’s also special for its many unique varieties—just imagine a banana that tastes like ice cream! The banana was one of the first fruits ever grown on a farm, and it’s also really nutritious.

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