Becoming Muslim: Western Women’s Conversions to Islam by A. Mansson McGinty

By A. Mansson McGinty

While Islam has develop into a debatable subject within the West, an increasing number of Westerners locate strong that means in Islam. turning into Muslim is an ethnographic research according to in-depth interviews with Swedish and American girls who've switched over to Islam.

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Mariam was brought up in a spiritual and intellectual milieu; both her parents were personally interested in religious issues, and they had decided to give Mariam a Catholic upbringing. She studied subjects such as Greek and Latin, archaeology and anthropology, and during the summers in college she did fieldwork in Europe and Africa. An early fascination for northern Africa and the Sahara made her choose as her field of study a small oasis in the middle of the desert where some “seminomadic” people lived.

Anna: Your name has a lot to do with identity. Ayre: Hmmm. Nevertheless, that is my name . . Malin . . my parents still like to call me Malin. And that is fine. Even the relatives in my husband’s home country call me Malin since that was my name the first time I came there. Also they still call me Malin even if my name is Ayre. They can call me whatever, it does not matter. Anna: When you think of Malin, do you think it is two different— Ayre: No, I do not. I’m still Malin . . you are after all the same person.

Narratives, and this counts for language too, become meaningful when it can convey the personal experiences and feelings of the narrator satisfactorily. This act might even imply a struggle when the experience is not necessarily linguistic in the first place. Neither the verbal interaction nor the conversion narrative constructs the convert’s sense of self, but they do reflect the individual’s serious attempts to render personal emotions and experiences by employing available categories and representations in idiosyncratic ways.

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