Beyond the Solar System: Exploring Galaxies, Black Holes, by Mary Kay Carson

By Mary Kay Carson

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Humans have gazed into the evening sky for millions of years and puzzled, What are these twinkling lighting? notwithstanding the sunlight, moon, and planets moved around the history of stars, the celebrities themselves seemed immovable, perpetually fastened in constellations. merely whilst astronomers started taking a better glance did somebody become aware of what a desirable, ever-changing universe lies past our sun system—red enormous and white dwarf stars, spiral galaxies, wispy nebulae, black holes, and masses more.

In Beyond the sunlight System, writer Mary Kay Carson strains the evolution of humankind’s astronomical wisdom, from the conclusion that we aren't on the heart of the universe to fresh telescopic evidence of planets orbiting stars open air our sun procedure. as well as its attractive background, this e-book comprises 21 hands-on initiatives to additional discover the themes mentioned. Readers will construct a third-dimensional illustration of the constellation Orion, version the warping of space-time brought on by a black gap, see how the universe expands utilizing an inflating balloon, and build a reflecting telescope out of a make-up replicate and a magnifying glass. Beyond the sunlight System additionally contains minibiographies of well-known astronomers, a time line of significant clinical discoveries, a advised examining checklist, a word list of technical phrases, and a listing of web sites for extra exploration.

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Human Computers Humans have long known that stars come in colors. Even with the naked eye, the star Sirius looks blue-white, while Arcturus looks reddish. With the invention of the spectroscope, astronomers discovered that those colors come from the gases in the stars. But knowing what creates the color doesn’t tell us the reason for the differences. Why are the spectra of some stars one color and not another? And what does it tell us about that star? Astronomers needed more information to find out exactly what stars were and how they came to be.

With your arm outstretched, the distance in degrees from the tip of your pinky to tip of your thumb is about 20°, the width of your fist is about 10°, three fingers across is about 5°, and a pinky is about 1° thick. 5° wide 40 beyond the Solar System How Far to a Star? Just how far away are the stars? This question was first answered by a German accountant. Friedrich Bessel (1784–1846) did such a good job teaching himself astronomy that the king gave him his own new observatory at Königsberg. There, along the Baltic Sea, Bessel watched a pair of stars through his telescope.

The light travels the 2 meters to the mirror (and then bounces back to the passenger). You’re standing on the platform and see into the passing subway car as the passenger flashes the laser light. Do you see the light travel 2 meters to the mirror, like the passenger did? Nope, the light traveled a shorter distance for you because the mirror A sculpture of Einstein’s famous equation in front of Old Museum in Berlin, Germany. Anders Thirsgaard Rasmussen 55 56 beyond the Solar System in the moving subway car moved closer to the point at which the laser was fired.

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