Biothermodynamics, Part 1 by Michael L. Johnson, Jo M. Holt, Gary K. Ackers

By Michael L. Johnson, Jo M. Holt, Gary K. Ackers

Within the final numerous years there was an explosion within the skill of biologists, molecular biologists and biochemists to gather huge quantities of information on their platforms. This quantity offers subtle equipment for estimating the thermodynamic parameters of particular protein-protein, protein-DNA and small molecule interactions.

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73 M using Eq. 14. Similar calculations are used to determine the final protein concentration as well. To measure refolding kinetics, one should prepare two stock protein samples (unfolded and native protein) and various urea-containing buffers that encompass the refolding transition. 5 M increments, and we average %20 injections per urea step. This requires 10 mL of urea-containing buffer for each final urea concentration and 15 mL of protein stock. 5 shows the procedure for preparing urea-containing buffer solutions as well as the final urea concentration calculated using Eq.

LOCKSHIN, AND MAURO PIACENTINI VOLUME 447. RNA Turnover in Bacteria, Archaea and Organelles Edited by LYNNE E. MAQUAT AND CECILIA M. ARRAIANO VOLUME 448. RNA Turnover in Eukaryotes: Nucleases, Pathways and Anaylsis of mRNA Decay Edited by LYNNE E. MAQUAT AND MEGERDITCH KILEDJIAN VOLUME 449. RNA Turnover in Eukaryotes: Analysis of Specialized and Quality Control RNA Decay Pathways Edited by LYNNE E. MAQUAT AND MEGERDITCH KILEDJIAN VOLUME 450. Fluorescence Spectroscopy Edited by LUDWIG BRAND AND MICHAEL L.

Once the unfolded control sample is completed, remove the 8 M ureacontaining buffer. 5 M urea. One should note that whenever the solution conditions are drastically changed, one should rinse the syringe either with distilled, deionized water or with buffer to remove any remaining solution in the syringe. 7. Flush the system and acquire data as in step 5. 8. Continue to change the urea-containing buffer in the large drive syringe and acquire data by repeating steps 5–7 until the final buffer (0 M urea) is reached.

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