Bodily Integrity and the Politics of Circumcision: Culture, by Hugh Young (auth.), George C. Denniston, Pia Grassivaro

By Hugh Young (auth.), George C. Denniston, Pia Grassivaro Gallo, Frederick M. Hodges, Marilyn Fayre Milos, Franco Viviani (eds.)

Circumcision is a cultural phenomenon that is affecting 15.3 million kids and teens every year. by way of gender, 13.3 thousands boys and a couple of million ladies are subjected to the involuntary elimination of half or all in their exterior intercourse organs each year. Few humans, even if, ask why such practices persist or how smooth societies can tolerate this inherent violation of human rights. the matter of woman circumcision is being addressed on a world point, whereas male circumcision is still a subject matter many lecturers are reluctant to completely or impartially study. This e-book explores the matter of female and male circumcision in sleek society from spiritual, anthropological, mental, scientific, criminal, and moral perspectives.

Bodily Integrity and the Politics of Circumcision: tradition, Controversy, and alter illuminates the vulnerability of human society to scientific, monetary, and old pressures. It offers a much-needed, considerate, and special research of the devastating effect of circumcision on physically integrity and human rights, and it presents desire for change.

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Consumption of the paschal sacrifice was a ritualized communal act available only to properly sanctified males. 21 An early expression of this relationship appears in a third-century rabbinic text called Mekhilta. The discourse develops with reference to a narrative in Chapter 16 of Ezekiel, having nothing to do with circumcision or Passover originally, but selected for attention because of a double reference to blood. The Lord, speaking through Ezekiel, reprimands the backsliding Israelites, portraying them as an abandoned female infant whom he rescued: On the day of your birth, he 2.

Women’s preference for penile circumcision in sexual partners. Journal of Sex Education and Therapy 1988;14(2):8-12. 23 McGrath K. personal communication. 24 International Planned Parenthood website. htm. 25 Burney T. Giving treatment, but not stirring shame. ex=1087883608 &ei=1&en=ae8d7d8a5cf9a4a3. 26 Blackmore S. The Meme Machine. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999. p. 156. 27 Blackmore S. The Meme Machine. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999. p. 168. 28 Allison PD. The cultural evolution of beneficent norms.

Here are some of the ideas linked to it: 10. THE INTACTIVISM MEMEPLEX Opposition to the three varieties of genital modification has been amalgamated here because most of the associated factors relate to all three in greater or lesser degree. I put the “gender equality” meme near to male circumcision, but there is a special relationship between feminism and opposition to FGM ⎯ women’s outrage that this can be done to women. ” There seems little or no equivalent men’s outrage, based on gender solidarity, that this can be done to fellow men.

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