Canadian annual review of politics and public affairs, 1981 by R.B Byers

By R.B Byers

The Canadian Annual Review has turn into an imperative reference through the years. this can be its twenty-second edition.

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Initially Ottawa had indicated that it was prepared to accept the amendment, looking for allies wherever it could find them, and the solicitor general, Robert Kaplan, appearing before the committee on THE PATRIATION PACKAGE / 17 January 23 in the place of the minister of justice, announced that the government would move to put it forward. In the meantime, however, talks between Ottawa and representatives of the Saskatchewan government designed to bring the province over to the federal government's side were entering a crucial stage in Toronto, and Saskatchewan refused to continue the discussions unless the amendment was withdrawn.

And because it creates different categories of rights for Canadians living in different parts of Canada. ' David Crombie (PC: Toronto Rosedale) replied that diversity was what Canada was all about. 'As can be seen in our history, it was absolutely essential to learn one instinct: to allow for diversity. That is why in the history of this country, and today, one will find differences in education programs, language, and religion. We had to learn the instinct of diversity in order to survive. It is not a thing we thought would be nice to do; it was in order to survive and to deal fairly with all the peoples who were here.

He also warned the British that he would not delay forwarding the package to London however serious the opposition at Westminster might be. 'If they think the problem is going to get easier by letting it drag around for a year or two, I think they are not very good politicians. ' Whether the prime minister was attempting to bludgeon the British government into acquiescence or to whip up support for his constitutional package at home is not at all clear. But the remarks, without doubt, contributed to an abiding bitterness and discomfort in official circles at Westminster at being lowered slowly but surely into Canada's constitutional cauldron.

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