Carry Yourself Back to Me by Deborah Reed

By Deborah Reed

Famed alt-country artist Annie Walsh has good enough cause to sing her model of the blues, together with a damaged middle, a stalled occupation, and a bothered relations. Annie seeks shelter from an upended love affair along with her manufacturer, Owen Pettybone, by way of sequestering herself at domestic along with her previous puppy Detour, surrounded through a lush Florida tangelo grove. quickly, even though, this quiet, small-town existence—far from recording studios, ardent lovers, and affairs of the heart—comes crashing down round her. A violent homicide hooked up to her brother Calder threatens to rip her relations aside and forces Annie to shore up her loyalties and uproot profound disappointments from her far away earlier. Like a superb and forlorn love ballad, the proficient, conflicted Annie lulls the reader right into a trip via love and loss that mines the mysterious, and, every now and then, paradoxical rhythms of the human heart.

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