Chechnya’s Secret Wartime Diplomacy: Aslan Maskhadov and the by Ilyas Akhmadov, Nicholas Daniloff (auth.)

By Ilyas Akhmadov, Nicholas Daniloff (auth.)

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To show that hundreds of Russian soldiers, officers, members of police force die daily. But again, today there’s a total information blockade. On the whole, the Russians shut up these Babitskys very professionally. Andrei Babitsky1 is not heard of, nor seen. The holding company Media-Most, all these Gusinskys [media mogul], there is no sight of them. They have their tails between their legs, including Berezovsky, ORT, all of them! This new leader Putin, he is an ordinary FSB lieutenant colonel.

When money is transferred from there, it is through a middle man between the representative in Istanbul and my messenger. He takes money from them there and transfers it here. So this is the task he has been entrusted with. Then, he should also get in touch in Baku, on behalf of the president, to render some assistance. And the rest is the wounded, refugees, to render assistance in humanitarian sphere. All these issues are solved by the representational office. So, they should work so that there are no mutual grievances, without interfering with each other, having a constant contact.

Now the command says they will not pay combat allowances, and again, it’s indignation. Accordingly, OMON, contract soldiers don’t want to come here. And if they don’t come, then the local police are not ready to substitute for them, because the local police are Gantemirov and those who are with him. Their only concern is to rip off drivers of gasoline tankers going on the road, drives taking out non-ferrous metals, equipment—well, they are making money. And they have no desire at all to declare a war on our mujahedeen fighters.

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