Commonsense Guide to Grammar and Usage (5th Edition) by Mark Lester, Larry Beason

By Mark Lester, Larry Beason

Common-sense advisor to Grammar and utilization (5th ed.)

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Use a comma to connect an -ing fragment. Expanded: ✱ See, Today, I actually left home on schedule. Showing that I can be on time if I try. ^ Putting It All Together Identify Fragments Understand and look for the most common types of fragments: renamers, adverbs, and -ing fragments. Proofread your paper starting at the last sentence and moving to the first, reading one sentence at a time. Put I realize in front of each group of words that you think might be a fragment. The I realize sentence will not make sense if the word group is a fragment.

IMAGINARY PERIOD TIP Here is the Imaginary Period Tip applied to the fused sentence and the comma splice from the beginning of the lesson: Example 1: ✗ I have a test on Thursday it should not be difficult. IDEA #1 Tip applied: IDEA #2 I have a test on Thursday. It should not be difficult. A period added between the separate ideas creates two sentences. Example 2: ✗ The student government election is this week, I have no idea who is running. IDEA #1 Tip applied: IDEA #2 The student government election is this week.

The color of the water is always changing. Because the coral reefs reflect the continually changing play of sun and cloud. The fact that the ocean around Key West is so shallow and so varied gives the water vibrant colors. With dozens of shades of green and blue everywhere you look. The beaches in California are quite drab by comparison. Because they are mostly made up of uniform, gray sandy bottoms. (5) Editing Practice 2 CORRECTED SENTENCES APPEAR ON PAGE 457. Correct all fragment errors in the following paragraph using the first correction as a model.

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