Complex Words in English by Valerie Adams

By Valerie Adams

Complex phrases in English provides a accomplished account of present-day note formation in English. beginning with a dialogue of a few simple matters, together with the definition of 'word', motivation, lexicalization, productiveness, the relevance of historic info and the usefulness of dictionaries and different data-bases, the publication then strikes directly to describe intimately a number of prefixing, suffixing and compounding styles - all illustrated with copious up to date examples. different themes which are explored in-depth contain diminutives, backformation and different results of reanalysis, Latin and Greek established formations and sound symbolism.

Many examples are given in context: fresh writing and the documents of OED on CD ROM are drawn directly to show the connection among spontaneous coinages and widely used goods. the great insurance permits an instructive evaluate and comparability of styles and of the various and various components suitable to the suggestion of productiveness. all through, the discussions are positioned within the context of different contemporary and no more contemporary paintings within the region and the ebook additionally features a precious vast bibliography.

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Compare, for instance, religiousness and religiosity, antiqueness and antiquity, capableness and capability: the second member of these pairs can signal just the quality of the base adjective, but can also mean 'affected or excessive religiousness', 'ancient time', 'a faculty or property' respectively. New -ness nouns are likely to have only a quality sense, cf. differentness and miserableness in 'His manner was softer than at the studio, as if his differentness had been put on at the gate' (OED: 1934); '''My God!

Noun-based formations in native -wise can function as adjectives 'crosswise streets', 'spanwise slots', as adverbial modifiers associated with verb phrases: 'Don't hide your head in the sand, ostrich-wise' (Cobuild), 'we had to go snakewise' (OED: 1894), and as 'point of view' adverbials: 'We are mostly Socialists vote-wise' (Cobuild), 'Television-wise, his performance was more convincing' (OED: 1962), 'October is usually a very good month weatherwise' (OED: 1971). In 'adverbs with this function, -wise appears to have become noticeably productive fairly recently, from the mid-twentieth century onwards: see Houghton (1968) and Pulgram (1968), who note some warnings against it in handbooks of usage.

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