Computational Cell Biology by Christopher P. Fall, Eric S. Marland, John M. Wagner, John

By Christopher P. Fall, Eric S. Marland, John M. Wagner, John J. Tyson

This textbook offers an creation to dynamic modeling in molecular telephone biology, taking a computational and intuitive strategy. precise illustrations, examples, and routines are integrated through the textual content. Appendices containing mathematical and computational ideas are supplied as a reference tool.

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B) Continuous spiking occurs under the same conditions with an applied current Iapp = 15. Excitable Membranes [Hille, 2001], which contains one of the best treatments of the HH model and the history behind it.

As w decreases, V will stay close to the V -nullcline because it relaxes rapidly to the closest steady—state value. 251 is reached. Beyond the minimum (near a), stable polarized states no longer exist, and V rapidly relaxes to the only remaining steady state (near b), which is on the depolarized, far right branch of the V -nullcline. During the depolarization, however, the w-nullcline is crossed. 468 is reached (near c) and the membrane rapidly repolarizes to the polarized branch (near d). The abrupt transitions from the polarized to depolarized branch and back again have led to the name relaxation oscillator for systems of equations that have wellseparated time scales.

8 Depolarization-induced electrical activity in giant barnacle muscle Þbers; the arrows indicated the start and end of the depolarizating currents. Reprinted from [Morris and Lecar, 1981]. current that develops during this protocol for 5 test voltages Vtest . The increase in current when the potential is clamped at the test values is governed by the exponential increase in fO with characteristic time τ (Vtest ). When the potential is clamped again at the holding potential, the resulting current is called the tail current.

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