Countdown to French: Learn to Communicate in 24 Hours by Gail Stein

By Gail Stein

Master French in precisely one day

When time is of the essence, belief Countdown to French to aid readers grasp the language fast and successfully. prepared into 24 units--each of that's designed to take not more than one hour to study--this self-instruction ebook offers fabric in a "countdown" type, from Hour 24 right down to zero, permitting beginners to gauge their development alongside the way.

Beginning with a simple advent of grammar and vocabulary basics, the devices movement speedy to functional conversational abilities for either holiday and company tourists. Upon finishing touch of the guide--the an identical of only one day--readers desirous to observe their newly honed language abilities may be in a position to speak in numerous daily, real-world occasions.

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Click Here for Terms of Use. 03 (029-046) chapter 2200 7/18/03 12:09 Page 30 COUNTDOWN TO FRENCH SUBJECT NOUNS AND PRONOUNS A pronoun is a word that is used to replace a noun (a person, place, thing, idea, or quality). A subject pronoun replaces a subject noun (the noun performing the action of the verb). Pronouns are extremely useful because they allow for fluidity by eliminating the need to constantly repeat the same noun when speaking or writing. Just as in English, the French subject pronouns are given a person (first, second, or third) and a number (singular or plural): Subject Pronouns PERSON SINGULAR PLURAL first je (zhuh) I nous (noo) we second tu (tew) you vous (voo) you third il (eel) he, it ils (eel) they elle (ehl) she, it elles (ehl) they on (ohN) one, you, we, they Note the following about French subject pronouns: • Unlike the English pronoun I, the pronoun je is capitalized only when it begins a sentence.

Je te vois dans cinq minutes. ) • To express an event that began in the past and is continuing in the present, use the following formula: present tense + depuis + an expression of time. Je cherche mon livre depuis une demi-heure. ) Ils habitent à Paris depuis 1996. ) • The construction il y a + expression of time + que + present also expresses a past action that is continuing in the present: Il y a un an que j’étudie le français (I’ve been studying French for a year). TIME’S UP! Complete this very simple story about a boy and his friend.

Idiomatic expressions cannot be translated word for word without causing confusion. ” The following high-frequency verbs have irregular forms in the present tense. You should commit them to memory because you will use them often. aller (ah-lay), to go je vais (veh) nous allons (ah-lohN) tu vas (vah) vous allez (ah-lay) il va (vah) ils vont (vohN) Aller is used idiomatically to describe a person’s health. The construction is aller + an adverb that expresses a feeling or a state of being: Je vais bien.

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