Dangerous Weapons: Anti-Sicilians: Dazzle Your Opponents! by John Emms

By John Emms

Prominent commencing experts take a progressive examine a favored workforce of openings – the Anti-Sicilians – and choose a wealth of ‘dangerous’ recommendations for either Black and White.

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G5! 28 hxg5 Bh2+ 29 Kf2 g3+ when analysis shows that White is clearly better after 30 Ke2, but in a time scramble anything might have happened in this still rather murky position. 26 ... Bb5 27 b3? Gifting Black a good drawing chance. Vajda should have unpinned with 27 Re4, followed by the accurate sequence 27 ...

NaS 11 Bb5+ Bd7 12 Qa4 Nc2+! Grabics, Pula 1999) Black has an interesting choice of ways to play the position. I will consider: Diagram 18 (B) Diagram 19 {W) 35 Da ngero u s Wea p o n s : A n t i - S i c i l i a n s A11: 10 Bd7 ... A12: 1o Nas!? A11) 10 Bd7 develops and blocks checks on the a4-e8 diagonal, ... thus making the threat to fork the queen and bishop a reality, the key to the downside of 9 Qb3. For a while, I must admit, I had anticipated concentrating exclusively on this move with no reservations whatsoever.

Bg6 (12 ... Bxg4 13 Ng5! is also awkward to meet) 13 e6! Nxa1 14 Nc3! with a strong attack. Indeed it is no simple task to suggest a reasonable move for Black with 14 . . Nxc2? failing most elegantly to 15 Qxc2 ! Instead the prudent, but positionally well-grounded 10 ... Bd3! should b e preferred since 1 1 Bxd3 Qxd3 12 Qxd3?! (12 Nc3 is playable, but the exchange of queens on e2 evidently leaves Black comfortable enough) 12 . . Nxd3 results in some embar­ rassment to the e-pawn. A1) 9 Qb3 looks the most aggressive move since it keeps queens on the board, a decision which at first sight seems appropriate to the nurturing of such a spatial plus.

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