Dazzling Dragonflies: A Life Cycle Story by Linda Glaser

By Linda Glaser

A dragonfly lays her grasp of eggs and the lifestyles cycle of dragonflies has all started. Watch because the little nymphs swap through the years into appealing adults who can go through the air like an acrobat.

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They are quite harmless to people. They actually help people by eating pesky insects, such as flies and mosquitoes. However, if you catch a dragonfly, it may bite in self-defense—just as any captured animal might. What animals eat dragonflies? Dragonflies are an important part of the food chain. Fish, birds, and insects eat dragonfly nymphs. Birds eat adult dragonflies. And large dragonflies eat smaller ones. Where are dragonflies found? Dragonflies are found all over the world in ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, marshes, and other wetlands.

And many wetlands have been drained for development. Like all animals, dragonflies need plenty of clean, safe habitats in order to survive. Where dragonflies are plentiful, it indicates that the nearby water is clean. Hopefully, dragonflies will continue to brighten our planet for another 300 million years. htm. THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK Watch a dragonfly nymph grow as she sheds her skin— again and again. Then soar with her through the sunlight as she tries out her beautiful new wings.

How long do dragonflies live? This varies a great deal from one species of dragonfly to another. In general, the larva stage is from one to two years and the mature dragonfly stage (with wings) is about one and a half months. Do the nymphs turn into adult dragonflies alone or in groups? Usually, it’s in groups. It’s an amazing sight when perhaps hundreds or even thousands of dragonflies all emerge with their new glistening wings. How do dragonflies see? An adult dragonfly eye has about 30,000 lenses.

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