Denying Science: Conspiracy Theories, Media Distortions, and by John Grant

By John Grant

Is international warming simply scaremongering by way of climatologists conspiring to guard their jobs? Is evolution "just a theory"? Is autism because of vaccinations? the reply to all of those questions is, after all, no. The clinical facts is now in, and it's conclusive, on those and plenty of extra matters which are primary to our wisdom and health. yet you'd by no means comprehend this if your whole details got here from the preferred media or your upbringing and speedy circle of effect didn't contain severe pondering and uncomplicated medical literacy. As this witty booklet with a truly severe message indicates, our tradition has in fresh many years been characterised via a common antagonism towards technological know-how and the not-always-welcome messages it brings. huge sections of the supposedly refined populations within the constructed international locations are in an energetic kingdom of denial. not just do they deny clinical facts yet additionally they name into query the very competence of technological know-how as a descriptor of fact. in brief, they deny fact. the writer surveys the gamut of in actual fact unscientific rules in regards to the foodstuff we devour, the medicinal drugs and potions we're both scared of or urged to take, our intercourse personal tastes, and a bunch of alternative matters which are raised through a variety of panics, city legends, and a basic weather of incorrect information. He additionally examines how designated pursuits, from agribusiness to pharmaceutical businesses to creationists, actively paintings to distort or suppress clinical findings. whereas the tendency might be to snort at the various ridiculous notions catalogued within the author's evaluation of bogus principles, the general photo he creates is whatever yet humorous. This publication reminds the reader that the way forward for loose, more and more complicated societies is dependent upon an informed citizenry that's capable of imagine sincerely and seriously according to trustworthy info.

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