Desert (DK 24 HOURS) by Elizabeth Haldane; Fleur Star

By Elizabeth Haldane; Fleur Star

This can be a interesting day within the lifestyles' examine the wildlife. The barren region is an awesome position, jam-packed with pleasure and sweetness. Come face-to-face with marvelous creatures that fight and live to tell the tale there each day. Slink in the course of the sand with the wilderness visual display unit lizard at sunrise, see the wilderness from the eyes of a vulture at noon, learn how ostriches beat the warmth in mid-afternoon and spot the fennic foxes scurry around the dunes at nightfall. This paintings helps nationwide technological know-how Curriculum at Key level 1 and is perfect for early undertaking paintings. there is greater than simply sand within the wasteland!

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Wild desert melons grow in seasonal riverbeds. They are not edible: their juice is very bitter and they are poisonous to humans. Pink blossom covers these almond trees, which are grown as a crop at many oases. They need much less water than cereal crops. 29 6:00 pm With sunset comes cooler temperatures, bringing a burst of 1 activity to the desert. Diurnal, or daytime, animals come out of the shade 2 1 Pa lm trees 30 to hunt for supper, while the nocturnal 2 Fennec fox burrow ones are waking up for the night.

These ponds are made by underground springs or form after heavy rain. Some may last for three or four years. Life at the oasis Fruits and nuts by the oasis Tree of life Every part of the date palm has a use. The fruit is a staple food for many desert dwellers. The large leaves are made into baskets, mats, and screens, and the wood is used for posts and rafters for huts. Any leftover wood is burned as fuel. The ends of the leaves on the evergreen palm trees are razor sharp. These dates are ripening in the sunlight.

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