Dictionary of Engineering, 2nd Edition by McGraw-Hill

By McGraw-Hill

Derived from the content material of the revered McGraw-Hill Dictionary of clinical and Technical phrases, 6th version, every one name presents hundreds of thousands of definitions of phrases and words encountered in a selected self-discipline. All comprise: * Pronunciation advisor for each time period * Acronyms, cross-references, and abbreviations * Appendices with conversion tables; listings of medical, technical, and mathematical notation; tables of suitable facts; and extra * A handy, quick-find structure

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Aŋиkər nət } anchor pile [CIV ENG] A pile that is located on the land side of a bulkhead or pier and anchors it analytical nadir-point triangulation analytical three-point resection radial triangulation [ENG] A method of computing the coor- dinates of the ground principal points of overlapping aerial photographs by resecting on three horizontal control points appearing in the overlap area. { anиəl idиəиkəl ¦thre¯ ¦po˙int re¯ sekи shən ra¯dиe¯иəl tri aŋиgyə la¯иshən } analytical ultracentrifuge [ENG] An ultracentrifuge that uses one of three optical systems (schlieren, Rayleigh, or absorption) for the accurate determination of sedimentation velocity or equilibrium.

Alиkə lı¯n wa¨sh } Alkar process [CHEM ENG] Catalytic alkylation of aromatic hydrocarbons with olefins to produce alkylaromatics; for example, production of ethylbenzene from benzene and ethylene. { al kar pra¨sиəs } alkylate bottom [CHEM ENG] Residue from fractionation of total alkylate which boils at a higher temperature than aviation gasolines. { alи kə la¯t ba¨dиəm } alkylation [CHEM ENG] A refinery process for chemically combining isoparaffin with olefin hydrocarbons. { alиkə la¯иshən } ` ge [BUILD] A part of a wall which is thinner alle than the rest, especially the spandrel under a window.

Paиrənt fo˙rs } apparent motion See relative motion. { ə paиrənt apparent source See effective center. { ə paиrənt mo¯иshən } so˙rs } [MECH] For a body immersed in a fluid (such as air), the resultant of the gravitational force and the buoyant force of the fluid acting on the body; equal in magnitude to the true weight minus the weight of the displaced fluid. { ə paиrənt wa¯t } appliance [ENG] A piece of equipment that draws electric or other energy and produces a desired work-saving or other result, such as an electric heater, a radio, or an electronic range.

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