Dictionary of Medical Terms, 4th Edition by Peter Collin

By Peter Collin

Within the re-creation of this bestselling dictionary, greater than 16,000 phrases from English-speaking and foreign scientific practices are defined in transparent, easy phrases. phrases in really good fields corresponding to surgical procedure, nursing, pharmacy, and dentistry are all addressed with sentences and grammar notes for every access. packed with critical sensible references for interns, nurses, scientific secretaries, and trainees in any clinical box, the transparent factors make it excellent for any scholar or practitioner of drugs.

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Her weight is above (the) average. 2. a value calculated by adding average together several quantities and then dividing the total by the number of quantities í adjective 1. usual ć Their son is of above average weight. 2. calculated by adding together several quantities and then dividing the total by the number of quantities ć The average age of the group is 25. aversion therapy /ə v ʃ(ə)n θerəpi/ noun a treatment by which someone is cured of a type of behaviour by making him or her develop a great dislike for it avitaminosis /e vtəm nəυss/ noun a disorder caused by a lack of vitamins AVM abbr arteriovenous malformation AV node / e vi nəυd/ noun same as atriovaversion therapy avitaminosis AVM AV node entricular node AVPU noun a method of rating if a person is conscious: A = alert; V = verbal, responding to verbal commands; P = pain, responding to pain; U = unconscious avulse /ə v ls/ verb to tear tissue or a body part away by force avulsion /ə v lʃən/ noun an act of pulling away tissue or a body part by force avulsion fracture /ə v lʃ(ə)n fr ktʃə/ noun a fracture in which a tendon pulls away part of the bone to which it is attached awake /ə wek/ adjective not asleep ć He was still awake at 2 o’clock in the morning.

Also called acetylsalicylic acid assay / se, ə se/ noun the testing of a substance. ı bioassay, immunoassay assimilate /ə sm let/ verb to take into the body’s tissues substances which have been absorbed into the blood from digested food assimilation /ə sm leʃ(ə)n/ noun the action of assimilating food substances assistance /ə sst(ə)ns/ noun help assistant /ə sst(ə)nt/ noun a person who helps someone, usually as a job assisted conception /ə sstd kən sepʃ(ə)n/, assisted reproduction /ə sstd ri prə d kʃ(ə)n/ noun the use of a technique such as in vitro fertilisation to help someone to become pregnant assisted respiration /ə sstd respə re ʃ(ə)n/ noun the use of a machine to help breathing assisted suicide /ə sstd su sad/ noun the suicide of someone who is terminally ill with the help of a doctor or friend at the request of the person who is dying associate /ə səυsiet/ verb to be related to or connected with something ć side effects which may be associated with the drug ć The condition is often associated with diabetes.

Also called axilla arm sling / ɑ m slŋ/ noun a support for an injured arm that prevents it from moving by tying it against the chest Arnold-Chiari malformation / ɑ nəld ki eəri m lfɔ meʃ(ə)n/ noun a congenital condition in which the base of the skull is malformed, allowing parts of the cerebellum into the spinal canal [Described 1894. After Julius A. ] aromatherapist /ə rəυmə θerəpst/ noun a aromatherapist person specialising in aromatherapy aromatherapy /ə rəυmə θerəpi/ noun treatment to relieve tension and promote wellbeing in which fragrant oils and creams containing plant extracts are massaged into the skin arousal /ə raυz(ə)l/ noun 1.

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