Discourse Studies in Cognitive Linguistics: Selected Papers by Karen Van Hoek, Andrej A. Kibrik, Leo Noordman

By Karen Van Hoek, Andrej A. Kibrik, Leo Noordman

This quantity provides chosen papers from the fifth overseas Cognitive Linguistics convention in the region of discourse research. the subjects addressed comprise pronominal anaphora in English and Russian narratives, the subtleties of the sure article in English and Spanish, using discourse debris in Dutch, and the functionality of prosody as a marker of textual content constitution in spoken narratives. The papers illustrate the opportunity of the rising cognitive linguistic paradigm to supply clean, revealing insights within the learn of discourse.

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Second) was discovered. 5 times. 4 Weighted judgments and referential strategies A special task was to bring all of the Expert’s judgments and the student subjects’ judgments together and build an integral judgment of each referential alternative. A system of weights was set up for this purpose. The Expert’s judgments were assigned the following weights: (i) appropriate: 2; (ii) slightly awkward: 0; (iii) questionable or significantly awkward: -2. The student subjects normally used only two options: They either did not notice the referential replacement or pinpointed it in the discourse and rejected it by returning to the original referential choice.

Protagonisthood and animacy can be called rate-of-deactivation correction factors. They capture the observation that important discourse referents and human referents deactivate more slowly than those referents that are neither important nor human. In the formulation presented in Table 4, protagonisthood is connected with the rhetorical and paragraph distance: when these two together are high enough, a protagonist referent gains some extra activation; when they are not, protagonisthood does not matter; ‘series’ is a group of clauses all containing mentions of a referent preceded by a group of at least three clauses containing no mentions of the referent.

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