Earth on the Edge: Science for a Sustainable Planet: by Landon Urquhart, Marcelo C. Santos, Felipe G. Nievinski,

By Landon Urquhart, Marcelo C. Santos, Felipe G. Nievinski, Johannes Böhm (auth.), Chris Rizos, Pascal Willis (eds.)

This booklet sequence consists of peer-reviewed complaints of chosen symposia prepared by means of the overseas organization of Geodesy. It offers basically with issues regarding Geodesy Earth Sciences : terrestrial reference body, Earth gravity box, Geodynamics and Earth rotation, Positioning and engineering applications.

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The Raobs Processing Module computes the correction of ZHD, thus this effect is taken into account in the estimations. Computation of the Scale Factor Q from Radiosonde Profiles Since both the PW and the ZWD can be computed from the radiosonde profiles, the reference values of the scale factor Q can be computed using (3). Due to the fact that Q is usually computed either from a polynomial model (4) or a model proposed by Bevis et al. 00 25 35 45 55 65 Elevation [km] 75 85 95 Fig. 5 Zenith hydrostatic delays computed from the International Standard Atmosphere (m) R Tm D R v v T where v dz ; dz (12) is the water vapour density: v D e : Rv T (13) The computation of the Tm values from radiosonde observations enables us to study various models used for the estimation of the scale factor Q.

Carter, R. Norman, and S. Wu Abstract This paper introduces the multi-million-dollar Australian Space Research Program (ASRP) Project—“Platform Technologies for Space Atmosphere and Climate,” recently awarded to an international consortium led by RMIT University, and reports the current progress and some results achieved so far. The project is part of the Australian Government’s recent space-related initiatives to support national strategic, economic and social objectives. Its main focus is developing new algorithms, new approaches, and software and system platforms for enhancing Australia’s capability in space-related research and promoting innovative applications of space-related cutting-edge technologies in Australia.

Carter BA, Zhang K, Norman R, Kumar VV, Kumar S (2013) On the occurrence of equatorial F-region irregularities during solar minimum using radio occultation measurements. J Geophys Res Space Phys 118:892–904. 50089 Hajj GA, Kursinski ER, Romans LJ, Bertiger WI, Leroy SS (2002) A technical description of atmospheric sounding by GPS occultation. J Atmos Sol Terr Phys 64:451–469 Kessler DJ, Cour-Palais BG (1978) Collision frequency of artificial satellites: the creation of a debris belt. J Geophys Res 83(A6):2637– 2646 Ko CP, Yeh HC (2010) COSMIC/FORMOSAT-3 observations of equatorial F region irregularities in the SAA longitude sector.

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