Electricity (Early Bird Energy) by Sally M. Walker

By Sally M. Walker

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Das Thema soll in einen Grenzbereich der Materialwirtschaft führen, der durch die tagespolitischen Ereignisse immer größere Bedeutung für die Unternehmung gewinnt. Naturgemäß ist in einer marktorientierten Gesellschaft das verkaufs­ fähige Produkt da~ Objekt aller Anstrengungen und Leistungen. Produktion und Verkauf stehen im Blickpunkt, andere Bereiche werden als notwendig be­ trachtet, während das Gebiet der Entsorgung innerhalb der Unternehmung zu­ nächst ohne besondere Beachtung bleibt.

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Here are some suggestions: What did this paragraph tell us? What does this picture show? What do you think we'll learn about next? What are the three kinds of parts in an atom? Do electrons have a positive or a negative charge? What is static electricity? What do we call a material that carries electric current well? What is a closed circuit? What is your favorite part of the book? Why? If the child has questions, don’t hesitate to respond with questions of your own, such as What do you think? Why?

Your fingers have made a closed circuit. Holding your fingers in an “okay” sign can help you think about what a closed circuit looks like. Your fingers make a complete loop. 34 When you hold your fingers apart, you do not make a complete loop. There is a gap. There is also a gap, or space, in circuits that are not closed. Now spread your thumb and index finger apart. This time, there is a space between your fingers. You cannot trace a complete circle. Your fingers do not make a closed circuit. 35 The foil is not making a complete circuit.

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