English Suffixes: Stress-Assignment Properties, by Ives Trevian

By Ives Trevian

English morphophonology has aroused substantial curiosity within the wake of Chomsky and Halle’s ground-breaking The Sound trend of English (1968). numerous theoretical types have consequently emerged, trying to account for the stress-placement and combinatorial homes of affixes. although, regardless of the abundance and flexibility of study during this box, many questions have remained unanswered and theoretical frameworks have usually led their proponents to inaccurate assumptions or incorrect structures. Drawing upon a 140,000-word corpus culled from a high-performance seek engine, this ebook goals to supply a complete and novel account of the stress-assignment houses, choice tactics, productiveness and combinatorial regulations of local and non-native suffixes in Present-Day English. In a resolutely interscholastic procedure, the writer has faced his findings with the tenets of Generative Phonology, Cyclic Phonology, Lexical Phonology, The Latinate Constraint, Base-Driven Lexical Stratification, Complexity-Based Ordering and Optimality conception.

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G. “la contrainte accentuelle de -ic” (“-ic’s stress constraint”) or, interchangeably, “la règle accentuelle de -ic” (“-ic’s stress rule”). Now, as set forth above, this book is predicated upon the assump­tion that, in terms of word-stress assignment and morphological mecha­nisms, the English language is subject to the conflicting forces of Germanic 20 21 In the same opus, McMahon goes as far as to argue that evolutionary biology stands in contradiction with OT’s claims for innateness. ie “constraints”.

4) Adj. in -ean, derived or sync. derivable from a < n. strong preservation: A'pachean (A'pache), Be'lizean (= ‑ian < Be'lize), 'Boolean (< Boole), 'Chilean (< 'Chile), 'Dantean (< 'Dante), 'Donnean (= -ian < Donne), 'Goethean (= -ian < 'Goethe), 'Nietzschean (< 'Nitzche), 'Sartrean (< 'Sartre), Saus'surean (= -ian < Saus'sure), Sho'shonean (id. < Sho'shone), Vol'tairean (id. < Vol'taire), Za'irean (id. weak preservation: ˌDela'warean (< 'Delaware), ˌEuro'pean (< 'Europe), ˌSinga'porean (< 'Singapore), etc.

1), it may seem logical to infer an -ic > -ify derivational axis (with affix-substitution). Still, -ific can synchron­ ically be held as a suffix in its own right, attaching to nouns in ‑o(u)r: colorific < colour (vs. < L in OED), honorific <~ honour, torporific <~ torpor, vaporific < vapour (vs. < L in OED), cp. meteoric (< meteor) and meteoritic (< meteorite), which contain the post-classical learned form meteora. 1 -ics This suffix is used chiefly in forming names of sciences, arts, technologies, etc.

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