Essays on the Foundations of Aristotelian Political Science by Carnes Lord

By Carnes Lord

A stunning diversity of students go back to the works of Aristotle as a resource of clean views on their disciplines. Furthering that target, an eclectic crew of classicists and political scientists discusses the significance of Aristotle's political and moral writings--for instance, the Poetics, the Rhetoric, the Politics, and moral and ancient treatises--to modern methods in political and social science.The assortment examines underlying thoughts similar to creation, race, type, and gender, in addition to extra conventional Aristotelian subject matters resembling justice, monarchy and democracy, and the connection among legislations and structure. Emphasizing modern relevance and following Aristotle himself, this quantity proceeds at the premise that the human sciences don't search just to bring up wisdom yet fairly to profit human lifestyles.

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17 According to one of our principal sources, Xenophon, the marriage of Socrates to Xanthippe was not entirely a happy one, for Socrates was absent from the home too often to suit Xanthippe and, Xenophon tells us, Xanthippe was difficult to get along with. However, neither of our other sources confirms this, and Plato, when he mentions her, seems sympathetic and respectful. The fact that our evidence on this point is so scant and mixed should incline us away from drawing any firm conclusion about Xanthippe's character or about whether the marriage of Socrates and Xanthippe was a happy one.

Finally, as discussed earlier, before Socrates passed from boyhood to manhood, he would probably have been given instruction by his father in his father's craft or trade. 2 Athens and Education in the Time of Socrates Whether Socrates received any further instruction is a question we must take up in a moment. But we would do well to consider briefly the many changes the city of Socrates' youth underwent. , Athens's political system was transformed into a radical participatory democracy in which every Athenian male citizen could—and was expected to—vote, hold office, and serve on the very powerful.

In any case, one of the most curious facts about Socrates' life is how different some of his closest friends turned out to be. Plato indicates that by the time of Socrates' death, he had become one of Socrates' close friends,20 as were a number of others who were thoroughly committed to the importance of the philosophical life. Of these, some were, doubtless, more gifted than others. Since we know that some of these young philosophers went on to develop quite distinctive philosophical views of their own, it is possible that philosophical discussion within the Socratic circle was not limited to discussion of what the "master" thought.

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