Essentials of English Grammar: 25th impression, 1987 by Otto Jespersen

By Otto Jespersen

Each pupil of English may still get a replica of this grammar.' Aberdeen Press and magazine 'All readers will locate within the paintings a masterly exposition of the mix of existence and good judgment within the grammar of a dwelling tongue.' - Schoolmaster 'A mine of suggestion.' - John O'London's Weekly 'Far extra logical and much extra elastic than the normal methods...He writes with the convenience of excellent mastery.' - Teacher's global This vintage textual content offers the executive evidence of English grammar, giving a true perception into the constitution of the language within the mild of contemporary linguistic technology. Grammatical principles are specified by transparent, concise phrases and thoroughly chosen examples illustrate the principles. a lot pressure is laid on be aware order and different vital issues that are quite often ignored in works of this type; types and their makes use of are handled jointly, and an endeavour is made all through to escape from the trammels of Latin Grammar. ancient causes are stored within the heritage other than within the chapters at the evolution of the sound approach, the place they're essential to comprehend the variation among breath and breathe, the sounds of meals, stable and blood, and so forth.

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The initial consonants of this and thick, the final one of sing); nor does it possess more than five vowel-letters, where many languages distinguish a far greater number of vowels. 12. At first people could follow no other guide in their spelling than their own ears: writing thus began as purely phonetical. But soon they began to imitate the spellings of others, whose manuscripts they copied, their teachers and their elders generally. As the spoken forms of words tend continually to change, this would mean that older, extinct forms of speech would continue to be written long after they had ceased to be heard.

Con-, com-, cor-: connect, content, commit, correct. : submit, suppose, suffice. so-: solicitor, sonorous. A full vowel is found especially before consonant-groups and is naturally most frequent in literary words: campaign, ambition, sanguineous [æ]. ; but [ou] is often heard in less familiar words, like protest, phonetic, chronology, and always in learned words like procumbent, prolepsis. 71. Complete disappearance of a weak vowel is particularly frequent, where the tongue-point can remain in contact with the roof of the mouth, the result being that [n] or [l] becomes syllabic.

G. purity [pjuəriti], curious. But there is a strong tendency to lower the vowel, especially in frequently used words like your [juə, sure [∫uə, Note that the first element of the name Shoreditch is identical with sewer, which is now made [sjuə] in refined pronunciation. 51. Consonantal [r] appears not only before a vowel in the same word, but also before one in the following word, if pronounced without any pause. r ə'bΛv]. more meat (ə) mi·t] ║ more of that əv ðæt]. ə piŋz] ║ their uncle [ðε·ər Λŋkl].

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