Everglades by Randy Wayne White

By Randy Wayne White

Document Ford returns to his stilt apartment on Dinkin's Bay to discover an previous pal and one-time lover expecting him. Her genuine property developer husband has disappeared and been reported useless. She's definite there is worse to follow--and she's correct. Ford follows the path deep into the Everglades, the place a shady personality and his get-rich-quick scheme are approximately to place either one of their lives at the endangered record.

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Above me, I heard limbs rustle, then a primal grunting sound. I looked up reflexively to see a dark, refrigerator-sized shape falling through the limbs, dropping toward me. chapter four I lunged away, turning, but I didn’t react quickly enough. The bulk of the man’s weight caught me on the left shoulder, and sent me stumbling into the mangroves. I would have fallen, but I grabbed a mangrove branch as I was going down. Then I used it as a kind of spring to launch me back toward him. Normally, I’m not a puncher.

Herbal tea I’ve got. Tomlinson brings me boxes of the stuff, then forgets he’s brought it, and so brings more. I keep a thirty-two-ounce screw-top specimen jar filled with a garden variety of bags, identifiable only by their little paper tabs. I checked the window again. Through a waterfall-blur, I could see that the man was still out there: a dark shape hun kered beneath the buttonwood. If nothing else, he was vigilant. There was already lighter pine and newspaper in the stove. I took just enough time to light the fire, and put water on to boil, asking her, “What else can you tell me about the guy outside?

Hysteria has a tone and, possibly, a pheromone signature. My immediate impression was that this old friend was teetering on the far, far brink of emotional collapse. To interrupt the talking jag, I crossed the room, pulled her close to me, and gave her a slightly stronger hug to silence her. “Sally? Sally. I’ll listen later. Right now, let’s deal with the guy outside. ” “Maybe. I don’t know. Give me just a couple of minutes to calm down, collect my thoughts. I don’t think you realize how hard this is for me.

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