Excalibur (The Arthur Books, Book 3) by Bernard Cornwell

By Bernard Cornwell

Arthur's ultimate try of braveness is upon him . . .

Arthur has beaten Lancelot's uprising, yet at a value. Guinevere's betrayal has left him reeling, and his Saxon enemies search to spoil him whereas he's vulnerable. Chaos threatens to engulf Britain. but Arthur is an army genius and noble chief. because the conflict attracts shut, he prepares to struggle his approach to victory at Mount Badon and in addition win again the lady he misplaced. yet within the ultimate trip of the warlord, the intrigues of Mordred, now the grownup inheritor to the throne of england, and the magics of the priestess Nimue may turn out to be Arthur's downfall.

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The crowd both drew away and advanced on him. qrk 9/4/01 4:09 PM Page 53 TROUBLEMAKERS train barreled around the curve, drove past, blasting sound into the very fibers of the soldier’s body. Qarlo’s mouth opened wide in a soundless scream, and more from reflex than intent, the Brandelmeier erupted in his hands. A triple-thread of cold blue beams sizzled from the small bell mouth of the weapon, streaked across the tunnel, and blasted full into the front of the train. The front of the train melted down quickly, and the vehicle ground to a stop.

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