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Inner temperature. Supermassive stars end up as struct a 2. 1. c. is surface temperature. Concept Mapping True or False change color of a star size. phere d. spiral. The most common element star The b. is elliptical. a. 6. a. optical telescope, The shape completes each statement. character- a. Way 3. answer indicates that the universe ? — Red shift — 9 Concept Mastery Discuss each of the following 1. Compare 2. When you star in a brief paragraph. the evolution of a medium-sized and a massive 3.

Figure 1-36 This ring nebula, or planetary nebula, the gases red giant that is all that is left of once surrounded a star. White Dwarfs The matter squeezed into a white dwarf is extremely dense. In fact, a single teaspoon of matter in a white dwarf may have a mass of several tons. But a white dwarf is not a dead star. It still shines with a hot white light. At some point, the last of the white dwarfs energy' is gone. It becomes a dead star. The length of time it takes a medium-sized star to become a white dwarf and die depends on the mass of the star when it first formed.

These white dwarfs are smaller and dimmer than main-sequence stars. giants Measuring Star Distance Since we cannot and there certainly enough to stretch any- travel to stars aren't any tape measures long how do astronomers determine way, different stars? Actually, True position Angle of 7T\\ parallax of star the distance to a pretty complicated it's problem and sometimes some guesswork is involved. One method of measuring the distance to stars is called parallax (R\R-uh-laks) Parallax refers to the .

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