File for Divorce in New Jersey, 2E (Legal Survival Guides) by DeSimone, Gibbons

By DeSimone, Gibbons

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Some states may have a shorter residency period than New Jersey. – Caution – Many problems can arise if you try to establish residency in another state. If you think you may want to do this, you should consult an attorney in New Jersey and an attorney in the state where you intend to file for divorce. RELATING WITH YOUR SPOUSE You need to evaluate your situation with respect to your spouse. Have both of you already agreed to get a divorce? If not, what kind of reaction do you expect from your spouse?

These items will probably have a make, model, and serial number on them. You may have to look on the back, bottom, or another hidden place for the serial number, but try to find it. file for divorce in new jersey 44 Jewelry and valuables. If you own an expensive piece of jewelry or other collectible, identify the name of the insurer and policy number, include it in your list, along with an estimated value. Be sure to include silverware, original art, gold, coin collections, antiques, etc. Be as detailed and specific as possible.

Squeaking Wheel Many lawyers operate on the old principle of the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Work on a case tends to be put off until a deadline is near, an emergency develops, or the client calls. There is a reason for this. Many lawyers take more cases than can be effectively handled in order to earn the income they desire. Your task is to become a squeaky wheel that does not squeak too much. Whenever you talk to your lawyer, ask the following questions. ✪ What is the next step? ✪ When do you expect it to be done?

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