Finding Zero: A Mathematician's Quest to Uncover the Origins by Amir D. Aczel

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The invention of numerals might be the best abstraction the human brain has ever created. almost every little thing in our lives is electronic, numerical, or quantified. the tale of the way and the place we obtained those numerals, which we so depend upon, has for hundreds of thousands of years been shrouded in secret. discovering 0 is an experience crammed saga of Amir Aczel's lifelong obsession: to discover the unique assets of our numerals. Aczel has doggedly crisscrossed the traditional global, scouring dusty, moldy texts, move studying so-called students who provided wildly differing units of evidence, and finally penetrating deep right into a Cambodian jungle to discover a definitive evidence. the following, he is taking the reader alongside for the ride.

The historical past starts with the early Babylonian cuneiform numbers, by means of the later Greek and Roman letter numerals. Then Aczel asks the foremost query: the place do the numbers we use at the present time, the so-called Hindu-Arabic numerals, come from? it truly is this seek that leads him to discover uncharted territory, to head on a grand quest into India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and finally into the wilds of Cambodia. There he's blown away to discover the earliest zero--the keystone of our complete procedure of numbers--on a crumbling, vine-covered wall of a seventh-century temple embellished with eaten-away erotic sculptures. whereas in this odyssey, Aczel meets a bunch of interesting characters: lecturers looking for fact, jungle trekkers trying to find event, strangely sincere politicians, shameless smugglers, and treacherous archaeological thieves--who ultimately show the place our numbers come from.

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