From Rabin to Netanyahu: Israel's Troubled Agenda

Publish 12 months note: First released in 1997 via Frank Cass Publishers

Benjamin Netanyahu's 1996 election victory marked an enormous turnaround in his fortunes, for just a few months past his political occupation had appeared complete. This publication examines what his victory potential either regionally and the world over.

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The former traces the interaction between groups and individuals in what some have suggested was a conspiracy to remove the top echelon of the Israeli cabinet. The latter is concerned with tracing the contours of a debate that came to inform a world-view opposed to the perceived recidivism of trading land for peace. It was Israel’s stunning military victory in June 1967 that first saw the emergence of the religious right as a true force in the politics of the Jewish State, but the contours of their ideo-theology had begun to emerge in the pre-state Yishuv.

At least part of the problem was caused by Sharon’s delay in getting into the cabinet negotiations: it appeared that by the time Netanyahu began to actively search for a position for Sharon there were no ‘major’ positions remaining unoccupied. The strategy of the Likud leadership now turned to making a new ‘super-ministership’ for Sharon, a ‘Minister 52 of National Infrastructure’, with various responsibilities being taken from a number of other positions. The expectation was that it would take about a week to put together the mandate of National Infrastructure, convincing a number of the new cabinet ministers to relinquish some of their jurisdiction to go into a pot for Sharon.

The Vote The actual operation of the electoral system was uneventful. Two names were on the ballot for prime minister, and the Israeli electorate got into the spirit of the campaign quickly. As the time of the elections drew near, it became increasingly obvious that the margin of victory was going to be extremely narrow. Indeed, as noted above, the results of the elections left Israel with a prime minister who was not the leader of the plurality party in the Knesset. Much of the blame for this was directed at Netanyahu personally, who had given away seven ‘safe’ seats to the Tsomet faction, and later another seven ‘safe’ seats to the Gesher faction, with critics noting that They are the sacrificial lambs in Netanyahu’s bid for the premiership.

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