Galileo: Renaissance Scientist And Astronomer (Makers of the by Tim McNeese

By Tim McNeese

A mathematician, astronomer, and physicist, Italian-born Galileo was once the 1st to review the skies with a refracting telescope. In 1610, he made significant discoveries with regards to the moon, the Milky method, Jupiter's 4 huge moons, sunspots, and the levels of Venus.

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Many were excited about the spectacle they were about to witness, and most probably expected to watch Galileo’s experiment fail miserably. After all, this young, brash mathematics professor could not possibly know more than the great Aristotle. Galileo and his two assistants, according to the story, had carried balls of different sizes, weights, and materials to the top of the tower. ” 21 55 56 Galileo The high tower platform of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is shown here. Also visible are two stones of approximately the same size as those used by Galileo for his experiment on free fall.

At the time of his discovery, Galileo was still in his late teens. A Searching Mind Test Your Knowledge 1 All aristocratic Italian boys were expected to a. receive a formal education. b. find a wife. c. follow in their father’s given profession. d. learn how to recite poetry. 2 When Galileo was 13, his father sent him to a school run by a. priests. b. nuns. c. monks. d. the pope. 3 Every Italian gentleman was expected to know which of the following languages? a. Italian and English b. Italian and Latin c.

C. motion. d. gravity. 2 Galileo helped to create a whole new field of science known as the study of a. astronomy. b. biology. c. chemistry. d. physics. 3 How old was Galileo when he conducted his pendulum experiments? a. 17 b. 19 c. 16 d. 18 4 To Galileo, Aristotle had never proved anything because a. he never experimented. b. he never graduated from college. c. he was not a mathematician. d. he did not understand the laws of physics. 47 Galileo 5 Archimedes is perhaps most famous for his discovery of the law of a.

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