Gemstone Reflexology by Nora Kircher

By Nora Kircher

Gemstone Reflexology bargains a holistic method of triggering the body's self-healing energies to accommodate a great number of psychological and actual problems, starting from heartache to center disorder. The therapy relies on utilizing 8 gemstone wands that permit clients to direct the therapeutic energy of the crystals to turn on distinct strain issues. each gemstone has particular therapeutic homes. whilst crafted into wands, those gemstones allow the sufferer to use the best quantity of strain at the acceptable acupressure aspect. The energies of the crystal mix with the energies published by way of the strain at the reflexology element to supply a robust strength for therapeutic.

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I necessary, reduce the pressure to gentle stroking along the back with the blunt end o the gem stick. The most important thing is to release the positi e energy o the gem. In rare cases, gem sticks may ampli y the pain. I such pain does not subside a ter a ew minutes, end the massage. Cautions A oid in ured or in ected skin, wounds, and moles during the massage. For pregnant women, do not treat the lumbar spine area during the irst trimester the irst three months o pregnancy . When working with ery thin people, make sure that you do not massage the skin against protruding bones, ertebrae, or ribs.

Indd 32 4/24/06 11:01:38 AM THERAPIES FROM HEAD TO TOE 33 helps calm the ner es and promotes emotional centering it is also helpul or those trying to o ercome addiction. Ear Acupressure There is a wonder ul spot on the ear that helps with depression. This spot should be included in e ery ear acupressure treatment, and is pressure sensiti e on almost all people. O course this does not mean that all people su er rom depression, but a treatment that balances the psyche and brightens mood is something rom which e eryone can bene it.

Lee ro le s leep disorders, such as insomnia, can ha e a ariety o causes, including external disturbances. A digital radio alarm clock or halogen lamp near the bed creates electric pollution that can disrupt sleep. The irst thing to do is remo e these external in luences. Also, consider the be erages you are drinking during the day and be ore bedtime. A oid ca eine, which is ound in co ee, chocolate, colas, and tea, e en green tea. I o ten encounter people who do not know that green tea is a strong stimulant.

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