Gender, Catholicism, and Morality in Brazil: Virtuous by M. Mayblin

By M. Mayblin

Throughout the ethnography of a Catholic neighborhood in Northeast Brazil, Maya Mayblin bargains a bright and provocative reconsider of gendered portrayals of Catholic existence. For the citizens of Santa Lucia, existence is conceptualized as a chain of ethical tradeoffs among the sinful and effective global opposed to an idealized country of innocence, conceived with regards to neighborhood Catholic teachings. As marriage marks the start of a efficient lifestyles on the earth, it additionally marks a part within which ethical personhood comes so much actively—and poignantly—to the fore. This publication bargains lucid observations on how women and men as husbands and other halves, fathers and moms, negotiate this problem. in addition to making an incredible contribution to the ethnographic literature on morality, Christianity, and Latin the USA, the e-book bargains a compelling replacement to got portrayals of gender polarity as symbolically all-encompassing, in the course of the Catholic international.

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As D. E. Goodman summarizes, In all the sub-regions [of the Northeast] the same man-made characteristic is present: an extreme inequality of land tenure which has, from its beginning, shaped a rural structure in which there is an equally extreme social inequality between classes untempered by any significant sense of noblesse oblige or humanism on the part of the landowner to those working on the land. (1981: 4) In his epic work The Masters and the Slaves (1986[1933]), Gilberto Freyre dealt with the culture and social institutions of the plantation from both an anthropological and a literary perspective.

Even among those who do, levels of deference toward the church and its practices vary. Many people profess to not having time for official religious practices, while others claim that they live too far away from the village chapel, suffer from ill health, or lack the resources to be involved in the church and contributing toward its events. Anticlericalism is common, even among some of the most devout Catholics in Santa Lucia. It is not uncommon to hear jokes and disparaging remarks made about members of the local clergy, along the lines that they are basically selfish, greedy, rude, hypocritical, and authoritarian.

Among the Greek peasants of Juliet du Boulay’s study, for example, the enduring perception that a woman’s nature “holds the seeds of the greatest corruption—a lack of intelligence and a predisposition to sensuality” (1974: 134) is mitigated by the process of marriage that turns women into valued mothers and housewives. As such, argues du Boulay, marriage represents the only relationship “which makes possible for woman the transcendence of her nature which is a part of her social and metaphysical heritage” (1974: 135).

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