Good glide : the science of ski waxing by Leif Torgersen

By Leif Torgersen

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They wear down, often to a 10th face of Windpack and cornices can four times as dense as of their original size. snow slabs in be two to snow that fell with no wind. The small particles and many contact points between particles windpack snow cause skis to is a on drawback that cannot be overcome by waxing. The best comin glide poorly promise is to it. It wax according to temperature, carefully scraping glide in wax and applying wax grip thinner layers than usual. fall- is (32 speeds ft/sec), drifting of is reduced and 15 judging is important snow and Because humidity m selecting is made up densed water On the other can is an invisible gas But condense and become vtsbto as m dew.

These films separate objects from each other and influence tion, friction through reduction direct molecular contact, of which As long therefore eases motion. as these films remain bound to the objects and are not freely detached, it's reasonable to depends on assume that friction the area of points total Lubricants have long been earlier explanations reduce friction. volving the lubricant in But for this, infilling voids the sliding surfaces, were incomplete. Lubrication was more thoroughly explained by the "hydrodynamic ball-bearing theory," which contended that the friction between two lubricated machine parts was IiqukJ mutually sliding surfaces.

These in events. consider glide from the view a skier gliding in ski rac- all in seldom in situations of having push snow to the side. On Alpine courses and in cross- to country tracks, plowing resistance is long as the wet. Dry not important as snow and wet is not sopping friction, are the forms important Dry friction then, in skiing. can be large at low glide speeds. Considering in on Sn 31 Air resistance Arrows show forces acting on downhill skier are both viscoelastic materials, When calculating kquri fncfton we must consider the ive known theory agrees possible sources of wafterfeMd that snow and bases plastic ski fairly well with tfisfcon practice.

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